Friday, February 8, 2013

Birthday "Madness"

Last weekend we had a "Mad Scientist" birthday party and it was a blast!! (No pun intended)
There are such great ideas out there on blogs and pinterest...
The girls had so much fun (and maybe learned something in the process)!

We started with awesome printables from Pink Pickle Studios on etsy

added a little dry ice..

Each girl got her own disposable lab coat from here and a name tag with their "Doctor" name on it when they arrived. It was sprinkling earlier in the day so we set up the party in our carport, not the most glamorous spot but it worked and kept the mess outside.

We started with building towers out of marshmallows while the girls arrived...
 Our first experiment was insta snow from the BEST source for science fun

and then we made "worms."

We blew bubbles with pipettes and used dollar store gloves so we could "catch" them without popping them
It works!
Then we took a break for pizza and jello "bacteria" and melon molecules
I even attempted to make some cookies that tasted soooo good but looked sooo bad,
but as my BFF said "put it in cellophane and slap a bow on it and your golden"
My mom thought the beakers were sandwiches and the test tubes were knives...really?
After lunch we had a little pinata time.  Now, some "super moms" on Pinterest made their own pinatas but we
we  used a Sid the Science Kid pinata magnifying glass, with a few modifications.
Next, we used food coloring to experiment with colored frosting on our cupcakes and
sang Happy Birthday to my big girl
 The final experiment was the Mentos and Diet Coke geyser, totally awesome I might add.

Each girl went home with some test tube candy they chose, bubbles, a "bubble glove", a scientific notebook, pencil, magnifying glass, pop rocks, insta snow, and some goofy glasses
My little guy had so much fun that he got dressed up, wrote his own name tag and drew a beaker..
put some mad science in your back pocket...


Alison S said...

Leave it to you to make SCIENCE fun! Great job!!

a' la mode said...

SO CREATIVE AND CUTE!!! You know I love me a good kids party =) xoxo shelli

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