Thursday, January 10, 2013

Organization: Baby Steps

It's the start of a new year and everyone seems to be talking about organizing! As Kris has said, I LOVE to organize... but am terrible at the follow through, here are a few organizational ideas that I use every day and are inexpensive and EASY...
the first is this ginormous calendar from Paper Source.


I started out writing all our obligations in different colors  depending on the person but that was gone after the first month, (see, I am terrible at follow through:)
I need to see what everyone has going on in one place and this lets me do that, and let's my husband and kid's know too!
The second thing are the Fridge Binz that I use to corral all the craziness in my refrigerator. It makes lunches so much easier and they are on the bottom shelf so kids can help themselves. (Now if Capri Sun would just make a drink kids could open themselves!)

wouldn't it be awesome if your fridge looked like this...

I love these Chalkboard Wallies! I have them in my pantry with some chalkboard markers and everyone writes down the grocery list and then I just snap a picture of it with my phone when I go to the store!
You can peel and stick and put them anywhere!
The last one may seem simple but Kris and I both have the sock bins NEXT to the shoes and agree it makes sense and helps a ton to speed up the getting out the door process.

I implemented these baskets to try and keep the clean laundry in the laundry room and off the couch but I "feel off the wagon" and now that it's a new year I am going to try it again, (but you can't watch the Bachelor in my laundry room while you fold laundry so I am not making any promises:)
 Do you have any super easy organizational ideas that work for you?
Hope these might help you get organized in 2013, (and not stress you out)
from the girls at in your back pocket...

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Katie Kerrigan said...

Okay, I love the refrig buckets with the yogurts, applesauce, etc. Where do you find those? Also brilliant idea with the socks!

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