Friday, December 7, 2012

Caravan Digital Prints

Jen is really good with PDF stuff.  me?  not so much.  She orders a lot of cute things this way, and we have just heard about little on-line shop called Caravan Shoppe.  For the holidays they have great "chalkboard" prints, that you can get instantly. The file ranges from only $5.00 for one to a bundle pack for  $12.00.  You Can have it blown up at any Staples store -up to a 36x48 for about $10.00!

How cute is Kirsten's  from 6th Street Design School below. Love her advent calendar too.

6th Street Design School
Here's how it works...Once you place and pay for your order, you will quickly receive an e-mail with a secure download link (and TOTAL instructions, for people like me.)
Click HERE.
You can also print more than one!  Great gifts...
Put a chalkboard print in your back pocket.

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