Monday, August 6, 2012

Plan "B": Playroom Pendant

So you know how I am "updating" the kids playroom, well their old chandelier was shabby chic that I bought at Target for $40 and the kids were hitting their heads on it, so we agreed
it was time for a change...

this pendant from Land of Nod would be great but it's $225
this  Shades of Light pendant lamp was better at $149
Looks easy right,  makes you say "I can make that!"
So I followed online tutorials and even bought "frog" tape...
But the Ikea shade was not even on the top and bottom which caused the tape to gap and my paint lines to bleed... I guess I can't make that...not without a perfect drum shade anyway

O.K., not horrible but it would bug me so I went for PLAN B and this inspiration...
also from Shades of Light and it is $129
I used this from Jo Ann Fabric
and this tutorial to make the shade
and then I actually took down the old light and installed the new one BY MYSELF! Yes, me and my electrician-self.
(thanks to this great tutorial)
($20 for a pendant light, not bad!  Well okay,  I ruined one $14.99 shade... so $35:)
I also used extra  fabric to redo a Hobby Lobby pin board...

As soon as the kids are back to school I can paint and then show you the rest of the playroom!
I'm on a crafting roll people:)
Put a Plan"B" in your back pocket...

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ACHanson said...

Beautiful job on the shade and the pin board!! I love that print! You have great taste :)

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