Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Straw Bags

This summer has led me on a quest for the perfect inexpensive straw bag
 and it started with this one from Gap...
I bought it when it was 40 percent off and I get so many compilments on it(it's the craziest thing.)
 Secret tip- if you don't get the straps on just right those sequins can scratch you something awful!
My "musts" are a bag that holds a lot and stays on my shoulder... 
 I found this one at Macy's
It is the perfect size and I love the leather accents, they also have this one online
The are all less than $80 but if you can dream bigger, or have some hidden gift cards:)
Juicy daydreamer bag (minus the extra keychain-thingy that comes attatched!WTH?) or clutch version
or these Tory beauties..

Love these Mar y Sol bags too...Orange would be fun...


put some summer straw in your back pocket...

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