Friday, December 17, 2010

DIY Ribbon Art/Card Holder

I was inspired by this photo from Country Living
 (find the tutorial on how to make it here)
to corral all the holiday artwork that my kids have been bringing home the last few weeks...
so I took some ribbon and used removable, double sided poster tape
(you can just use a flat thumbtack too) 
to hang it on the door
I hot glued a bow at the top and then
 took these gingerbread clothespins and glued them to the ribbon about 12 inches apart
I bought these like this from World Market
 but you can easily make your own with foam stickers and clothespins
this is how it turned out...
This could work with Christmas cards too! It took just a few minutes and was easy peasy!
This was the door to the laundry room, now off to do the office...
Put a DIY ribbon art/card  holder in your back pocket...

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