Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Water Bottles to Personalize Your Party

This weekend I worked on personalized water bottles for a bridal shower coming up on Saturday and I thought I would pass on some quick tips. I found the design on one of our favorite esty shops Print Your Party. (We posted about them here). I bought the labels on another online site which meant I had a few extra steps, but my suggestion would be to just buy the labels from Print Your Party.
The Print Your Party label design in the Sadie Damask was $15, they email it to you in PDF form and you can print them out at home...(as many as you like!)
I ended up taking the water resistant labels I purchased to alphagraphics and after emailing them the pdf, they printed them for me for less than $2.00. (My printer is a little old school and I could not get them to print without smearing, plus I think the ink alone would have cost way more than $2.00)
The gals from Print Your Party suggest Archer Farms water bottles from Target, but I couldn't find those, so I went with Aqua Fina...this is important because the labels go on much better when there is a flat, smooth surface to adhere them too, Arrowhead and some of the others are not smooth...
Take the labels off (smooth=good)
and adhere labels to water bottles!
 Check out the Halloween ones that would be perfect on beer too!
put some personalized party possibilities  in your back pocket...


Jen Schenk said...

Thanks for the resource. I love your bottles they look adorable!

Colleen said...


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