Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to School Project:Cork Board Tiles

My kids LOVE art projects. I mean LOVE. They also want them up all over our house and we don't really have a big house so it was time to come up with a playroom display solution. I would love a giant cork board wall but that is a big I found this easy, cute idea for cork board tiles with a tutorial from a blog called Hazel Bloom.
You take 12 x 12 cork board tiles. (mine were on a back to school sale at Staples for $5 for 4)
spray on some adhesive and take scrapbook papers
(which are 12 x 12, so handy!)
and press them on
these are how hers turned out, so cute!
The paper gets holes in it from push pins, but that is no big deal since you can so easily change the paper. 
I also used Amy Butler double sided scrapbook paper,
 here they are...
I put them on the side of the awesome plastic cubes from Target, they fit perfectly (although it took a few attempts to get them to stick...double sided poster tape seemed to do the trick)
The cubes are called itso and you can stack them customize them with shelves, different size drawers,and bright colored fabric drawers that are so cute!
Here are some "style tiles" from Pottery Barn Teen that
 Kris is going to try and recreate with her daughter, though this one will set you back $299...(of course we think doing it yourself  for $20 sounds a lot better:)
Put some cork board tile fun  in your back pocket...


Colleen said...

Is the Pottery Barn one just a big frame 3 X 3 of what you made????? I want the big one! This is so fun and creative!

Kris and Jen said...

Colleen, not quite:) They have pegboard, chalkboard, magnetic board tiles that you can mix and match...very cool, but we don't need that could get magnetic paint, chalkboard paint and some pegboard and mdf (if you are supercrafty) and do the same thing... but we are sticking to cork:)

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